Curator’s Statement

Curator’s Statement



Susanne M. Matz is a German producer of film, theater and the audiovisual and live performing arts.

As a curator she has done exhibitions with numerous international artists – such as: 

2015-2017 Stage Performances at Black Box Penghao Beijing. 

2018, Group Exhibition in 798 Art District at the Red Gate Gallery of Brian Wallace, showing 18 international artists. 

2019 Gobi Heaven in the Gobi Desert in Inner Mongolia, an Art Happening with 20 international artists. 

2019, various solo exhibitions with a number of international artists at Aotu Artspace Beijing. 

In 2020, as a publisher she has published the book of verse and art (Tales of Dying Butterflies) of her artist Crow. It will be represented at the ‚Frankfurt Book Fair‘. Also in 2020 she is exhibiting in Beijing 798 (French artist Francesca Mitterrand), and in Cologne and Berlin (Crow) – with a reading of his book. 

More projects are in the making.

She has a portfolio of 24 international artists from all genres of the contemporary Arts – painting, sculptures, installations, photography, video and the performing arts. 

She is based in Berlin.

Curator’s Statement

Art is not only art. 
Art is a quality-part of life. 

Therefore, it is a sensation for all senses. 

That means, I prefer to present art in living spaces. 
In an ambience where you eat, drink, talk, laugh, 
think and see
– for hours and frequently – 

there, art is at home.